Take Five #14 Assassins Tale starring Anna Silk

It seems like forever since we've been treated to a new episode of Lost Girl, so the 2013 film Assassins Tale starring Anna Silk, Michael Beach, and Guy Garner might just tide us over until season 5 begins.


Take Five #13 Faetalists policy shifts

We've decided to make some subtle tweaks to the show, both in content and structure, all which should benefit the listeners. It was finally time to articulate what we've been doing anyway for quite some time.


Episode 76 Birds of Prey S01E13 Devil’s Eyes

In the series finale, Dr. Quinzell, aka Harlee Quinn, nearly achieves her plan of taking over New Gotham City, but in the end, Huntress prevents Oracle from making a tragic mistake. Dave and Wayne also discuss The Leftovers, Defiance, Falling Skies, and Extant.

Birds of Prey discussion at 1:04:12

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