Episode 75 Birds of Prey S01E12 Feat of Clay

In addition to Huntress finally opening up to Detective Reese, she also relives the most painful event of her life and is tempted to exact revenge on the man who murdered her mother. The guys also discuss the new Lifetime scifi drama The Lottery, New Zealand's The Almighty Johnsons, and the film that may revolutionize the current distribution system, Snowpiercer.


Episode 74 Birds of Prey S01E11 Reunion

Despite her reservations, Helena Kyle attends her five year high school reunion, though to be fair, it is a working event as she tracks down a killer. While we've been waiting for Huntress and Jesse to finally get together, Helena meets her high school crush and the sparks fly. In the end, she makes a choice. Did I mention that Helena Kyle was the captain of the Pep Squad?


Episode 73 Birds of Prey S01E10 Gladiatrix

Dave and Wayne discuss Extant, Falling Skies, Defiance, The Leftovers and Penny Dreadful in addition to the 10th episode of Birds of Prey. Dinah finally comes of age as a crime fighter as she must free Huntress who's been captured and forced to fight for her life in an underground arena. With a slight nod to 1999's Fight Club, the episode clearly influenced 2013's Raze starring Continuum's Rachel Nichols. Feeling her oats, Dinah challenges Helena to a fight, but eventually the two are paired against each other in the ring while Barbara and Reese fight to free both of them.


Episode 72 Birds of Prey S01E09 Nature of the Beast

When Al Hawk turns up in New Gotham City, his presences sets into motion a number of complex actions. Hawk's protege wants to take him out, and his son wants to put him in prison. Dinah battles her demons as she must fight the urge to exact revenge for her mother's death.


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