Clone Wars: Orphan Black S02E06 To Hound Nature in Her Wanderings

Sarah and Helena embark on a road trip to find the Cold River Institute and perhaps clues to their past. Rehab doesn't sit well with Alison, nor does being alone agree with Felix as he copes with the fact that he's been used as a pawn in Rachel's fight to gain control.


Episode 68 Birds of Prey S01E05 Sins of the Mother

To the surprise of everyone, Dinah's mother, the same mother who abandoned her at age six, shows up in New Gotham City though she has no idea her daughter now lives there. Though Carolyn Lance and Barbara Gordon know each other, the fact that Carolyn is Dinah's mom and also Black Canary throws our trio for a loop.


Clone Wars: Orphan Black S02E05 Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est

To get what she wants, Rachel pulls out all the stops, but twin sestras Sarah and Helena refuse to sit idly by. Apparently, the original genome was destroyed in the fire leaving the clones essentially orphaned, but their creator, Dr. Ethan Duncan may be alive after all.


Clone Wars: Orphan Black S02E04 Governed As It Were By Chance

Questions answered; questions raised. Is Daniel finally dead? How much does Mrs S. really know? Will Helena join Team Clone? Is there a Canadian produced genre show that doesn't feature Roger Cross?


Episode 67 Birds of Prey S01E04 Three Birds and a Baby

This episode reinforces the fun aspect of the show as the three superheroes struggle to take care of one tiny baby who doesn't stay tiny for long. Is Doctor Quinzel ready to make her move? Will the trio be ready? Will Helena find true love?


Clone Wars: Orphan Black S02E03 Mingling Its Own Nature With It

On the run, Sarah, Felix and Kira end up at a remote cabin, and one of the show's enduring mysteries is answered. Unfortunately, Rachel and the Dyad Institute won't let Sarah simply walk away, and in a very Terminatoresque manner, Daniel apprehends Sarah leaving Kira with the man Sarah says is her father.


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