Episode 66 Birds of Prey S01E03 Prey For The Hunter

This episode explores the ptifalls surrounding life as a female superhero as we watch Helena struggle with the fact that she'll never enjoy a normal life nor be a normal girl. Her story parallels Barbara's baby step relationship with a fellow teacher while Dinah can't seem to make it through an entire day of high school.


Clone Wars: Orphan Black S02E02 Governed by Sound Reason and True Religion

Sarah reunites with Kira and Mrs. S, but all is not as it seems. Art is on board, but clearly Angie poses a huge roadblock and Helena's emergency room trip raises a number of red flags. And what's the deal with the farm?


Take Five #12 When is Dead, Dead?

I've often thought that the mark of a top-notch writing team and showrunner is that they possess the courage to kill off a major character when the storyline calls for it. But playing fast and loose with the rules that they create, we've had our emotions toyed with, and more often than not, our character miraculously returns. So when is dead, dead?


Clone Wars: Orphan Black S02E01 Nature Under Constraint and Vexed

In a podcast crossover with Liber8: A Continuum Podcast with Mike and Dave, we begin a short form show looking at one of the most dynamic new science fiction series, Orphan Black. With five alive, at least for the time being, Sarah and her "sisters" embark on a quest to find and rescue Sarah's daughter Kira. 


Take Five #11 Star Trek the Next Generation

The late 80's and early 90's was a down period for Dave's television consumption, so it's long overdue for him to take a look at the second installment in the Star Trek franchise.


Episode 65 Birds of Prey S01E02 Slick

Dinah does her best to gain the trust of Huntress and Oracle but still ends up getting grounded. Crime fighting 24/7 takes it out of a superhero, so it's nice to be able to have a social life. Wayne shifts Project X into the DC Comics realm with a look at one of our characters.


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