Episode 62 Lost Girl S04E13 Dark Horse

In the season 4 finale, finally able to find her destiny within the fae community, Kenzi makes the ultimate sacrifice for Bo. Or does she? Tamsin seems to be absolved of her past sins, and we await her future choices. And what is up with Bo and Dyson? Is Doccubus finished?


Episode 61 S04E12 Origin

Kenzi seeks revenge for Hale's death, Lauren gets down and dirty with Evony, a warrior appears ready to defend Bo, and Massimo chows down on the Origin Seed. Some revelations about Vex catch the guys off guard, but it appears we'll be dealing in death for the foreseeable future.


Episode 60 S04E10-11 Waves/End of a Line

Ordinarily, I'd be all over a tale about mermaids, but the only redeeming grace here is that the story brings Lauren, Dyson and Kenzi closer together as Bo shuts them out to be with Rainer. Arguably, the most poignant scene in the entire series occurs as Kenzi's heart is shattered when the love of her life dies, due in part to her own hubris.


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