Episode 57 S04E06 Of All The Gin Joints

While there's minimal movement on Bo's bloodline story arc, an emphasis on duos appears in this episode. Lauren's moving in with her Dark pals, and The Morrigan lets her know that she'll have complete freedom to conduct whatever research she choose and will have no movement restrictions placed on her. After five years with the Light, Lauren's understandably skeptical, but the skeptics finally received some satisfaction when Kenzi and Hale take the first relationship step. She wears his hat.


Episode 56 S04E05 Let the Dark Times Roll

Before getting to the episode discussion, Dave gives up on Once Upon a Time, and Wayne implies he may be doing the same with Percy Jackson. In this Dark Fae centric episode, the Una Mens background comes more into focus, and Trick's link to them raises more questions than answers. Are Tamsin and Kenzi the new Dynamic Duo? Will Bo and Lauren resume their relationship, or will their differing political philosophies drive a wedge between them?


Episode 55 S04E04 Turn to Stone

Bo is back, bitches, and she's taking no prisoners. However, the Una Mens end the evening's proceedings with a rather disconcerting revelation. In between Lauren and Tamsin take giant steps forward while Kenzi's regressed to a character full of self-pity and regret. Dave and Wayne actually agree on most of the major plot points, and the guys make three Doctor Who references that are totally salient.


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