Episode 41 Dr. Lauren Lewis Review

Wayne, Dave, and special guest Sally take a look at the development of the "doctor to the fae," Lauren Lewis aka Karen Beattie. Doctor, scientist, hero, lover; few characters in the Lost Girl universe engender as much interest as the blonde half of the Doccubus relationship.

Episode 40 Trick Review/Doctor Who Finale

Dave and Wayne examine the Blood King's transition from simple barkeep in the early episodes to a tortured soul in constant turmoil because of the power he wields. The S07E13 finale of Doctor Who raises just as many questions as it provides answers.


0:00 - 4:07  Intro

4:08 - 11:14  News

11:15 - 34:51  Analysis of FitzPatrick McCorrigan aka Trick

34:52 - 1:04:48  Analysis of Doctor Who S07E13 "The Name of the Doctor"

1:04:49 - 1:05:54  Outro

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