Episode 37 Lost Girl S03E13 Those Who Wander

In the third season finale, Bo and Tamsin work together to rescue Dyson, leaving Lauren wondering about her status with Bo and the rest of the light fae community.Though he steps down as The Ash, Hale survives, and Trick travels to Scotland with Stella until the situation calms down. Dave and Wayne take a look at the series premiere of the much anticipated scifi drama Defiance. Timing 0:00 - 12:42  Intro 12:43 - 18:02  Scifi news 18:03 - 24:25  Project X (Wayne's Fae o' the Week) 24:26 - 1:13:18  Episode analysis 1:13:19 - 1:31:00  Pilot Previes/Defiance 1:31:01 - 1:32:45  Outro

Fan Feedback Show

Wayne and I would like to put together a Fan Feedback Show, so that the listeners can pat Wayne on the back once again for correctly predicting something or other AND tell us what you think about Season 3 of Lost Girl and where you think it's headed next. You can record your own mp3 and send it to us, use the Speakpipe tool on the website, or shoot us an email at faetalistspodcast@gmail.com. Deadline for submissions is April 26. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Episode 36 Lost Girl S03E12 Hail, Hale

What wasn't in this episode? Hale's inauguration as Ash of the light fae goes awry, and The Morrigan seizes the opportunity to grab control amidst a human plot to tamper with the delicate balance between human and fae. Wayne and Dave discuss their favorite questing films as we head into the season finale. Timing 0:00 - 8:14  Intro 8:15 - 13:52  Scifi news 13:53 - 16:14  Project X (Wayne's Fae o' the Week) 16:15 - 1:04:56  Episode analysis 1:04:57 - 1:11:40  Listener Feedback 1:11:41 - 1:22:54  Top Questing Films 1:22:55 - 1:23:55  Outro

Episode 35 Lost Girl S03E11 Adventures in Fae-bysitting

Lost Girl meets Desperate Housewives in this return to Bo and Kenzi as girl investigators helping a young girl that doesn't know she's fae. Lauren and Bo's break may become longer than Bo thought as the doc accepts a job offer from a character whose motives remain unclear. Wayne and Dave return to Pilot Previews with a look at BBC's exciting new scifi drama Orphan Black. Timing 0:00 - 17:00 Introduction 17:01 - 21:41 Scifi news 21:42 - 30:26 Project X (Wayne's Fae o' the Week) 30:27 - 37:37 Listener Feedback 37:38 - 1:22:00 Episode analysis 1:22:01 - 1:44:30 Pilot Preview/Orphan Black 1:44:31 - 1:45:30 Outro

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