Episode 34 Lost Girl S03E10 Delinquents

As Bo reflects on her experiences with The Dawning, Tamsin's duplicitous behavior becomes even murkier when we learn she's essentially a bounty hunter that's after Bo. Who she works for remains unclear. Dave and Wayne discuss some more great feedback from listener Sally, but all in all, "Delinquents" leaves us all a tad bit hungry. Timing 0:00 - 8:33  Intro 8:34 - 14:49  Scifi news 14:50 - 19:10  Project X (Wayne's Fae o' the Week) 19:11 - 34:20  Listener Feedback 34:21 - 1:10:30  Episode analysis 1:10:31 - 1:15:00  Really? Really?/Predictions 1:15:01 - 1:16:36  Outro

Episode 33 Lost Girl S03E08-09 Fae’ge Against The Machine/The Ceremony

The most significant hurdle of Bo's life finally arrives as she embarks on the next step of the journey to self-actualization. Though Kenzi returns to her previous form, it's Tamsin and Dyson who accompany Bo through the most arduous stages of The Dawning. Dave reads some listener email, and Wayne waxes poetic. No, really. He reads poetry. On the air. Really.


0:00 - 6:53 Intro

6:54 - 13:43 Scifi news

13:44 - 24:40 Project X (Wayne's Fae o' the Week)

24:41 - 39:40 Listener Feedback

39:41 - 1:12:00 Episode analysis/"Fae-ge Against The Machine"

1:12:01 - 1:53:00 Episode analysis/"The Ceremony"

1:53:01 - 1:54:00 Outro

Pilot Preview #003 The Vampire Diaries

Okay, it's not Bram Stoker. Heck, it's not even Twilight, but Wayne and I both agree that we might give the show a second chance especially in light of Supernatural's success and the success of our favorite network, The CW. Stripped from an earlier episode of Faetalists, we hope you enjoy this tidbit as we work to get out the next review of our FAVORITE show, Lost Girl.



Episode 32 Lost Girl S03E07 There’s Bo Place Like Home

And so the journey begins, but not without a few bumps in the road. Bo returns home to make peace with her mother while Kenzi claims she's not ready to talk about her underground imprisonment. Dyson essentially proclaims his love for Bo and states he's willing to wait however long it takes for them to be together.


0:00 - 5:41 Intro

5:42 - 15:52 Scifi news

15:53 - 21:59 Project X (Wayne's Fae o' the Week)

22:00 -  1:07:05 Episode analysis

1:07:06 - 1:08:31 Predictions

1:08:32 - 1:10:21 Outro

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