Episode 31 Lost Girl S03E06 The Kenzi Scale

Only Bo seems to know that Kenzi's not Kenzi, but ends up imprisoned until the unlikeliest of candidates springs her from her bondage and helps her find the "real" Kenzi. Meanwhile, the doc plays it a bit too clinically and may have doomed the relationship that's had LG fans cheering for weeks now. Will the experimental light/dark cop duo dynamic take an unexpected turn? Check out Wayne's chart for The Hero's Journey.


0:00 - 11:47  Intro

11:48 - 31:30  Scifi news

31:31 - 38:43  Project X (Wayne's Fae o' the Week)

38:44 - 1:16:00  Episode analysis

1:16:01 - 1:18:33  Really? Really?

1:18:34 - 1:22:05  Outro

Pilot Preview #002 Supernatural

Look for Wayne and I to revisit this extremely popular show from our favorite network, The CW, but for now, here's our first take of the show that's been renewed for a ninth season.



Episode 30 Lost Girl S03E05 Faes Wide Shut

The gang pays a visit to a sex club hosted by the Roman god Bacchus, but Bo is once again under suspicion after the body of her one night stand turns up in a ditch. Something's terribly wrong with Kenzi, and a mysterious phone call at episode's end raises a new question. Wayne and Dave discuss a Top Ten Genre Guest Stars list, but of course have trouble counting to ten.


0:00 - 6:25  Intro

6:26 - 12:13  Scifi News

12:14 - 20:26  Project X (Wayne's Fae o' the Week)

20:27 - 59:00  Episode analysis

59:01 - 1:01:06  Predictions

1:01:07- 1:02:50  Really? Really?

1:02:51 - 1:25:40  Top 10 Genre Guest Stars

1:25:41 - 1:29:12  Outro

Pilot Preview #001 American Horror Story

With this, the initial published standalone, we introduce a new segment for fans who desire a tasty morsel. Culled from an earlier episode of Faetalists, Wayne, Dave and Danielle examine the pilot of the FX original series American Horror Story starring Jessica Lange, Dylan McDermott and Connie Britton. I think we all agree, this is one creepy experience.



Episode 29 Lost Girl S03E04 Fae-de To Black

The girls are in trouble in this episode as Kenzi cries out for help, but finds that no one's listening. Is the Bo/Lauren relationship in trouble already? Is a Hale/Trick showdown imminent? Are Dyson and Tamsin really going out partying together?


00:00 - 06:59  Intro and chit chat

07:00 - 17:26  Scifi news

17:27 - 22:03  Project X (Wayne's fae o' the week)

22:04 - 1:00:00  Episode analysis

1:00:01 - 1:03:24  Predictions

1:03:25 - 1:06:03  Really? Really?

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