Episode 28 Lost Girl S03E03 ConFaegion

The Morrigan tries to even an earlier score with Bo, and Kenzi is temporarily  thrust into a superhero role. As the new Ash, Hale must make a name for himself as he tries to hold together a tenuous peace despite The Morrigan's best attempts to create mayhem. Lauren and Kenzi finally talk it out, and once again, Wayne sings.


00:00 - 9:19  Introduction and chit chat

9:20 - 20:23  Scifi and fantasy news

20:24 - 26:59 Project X (Wayne's look at the Fae o' the Week)

27:00 - 1:06:38  Episode analysis

1:06:39 - 1:11:00  Predictions

1:11:01 - 1:14:17  Really? Really?

1:14:18 - 1:17:26  Closing

Episode 27 Lost Girl S03E02 Subterfaenean

Everybody has a new partner in this episode that finds the gang exploring the sewers looking for the Alligator Man and a group of underground fae infected with disease. Vex is working with Kenzi, Dyson's new partner Tamsin makes a bold entrance, and Bo and the Doc finally push the outside world away long enough to begin a relationship that seems doomed from the start. Wayne and Dave make some predictions, and did she REALLY say that?

Show timing

00:00 - 14:22 Introduction and chit chat

14:23 - 22:41  Project X (Wayne's Fae o' the Week)

22:42 - 1:07:36 Episode analysis and discussion

1:07:37 - 1:09:12 Predictions

1:09:13 - 1:10:15 Really? Really?

1:10:16 - 1:12:21 Ratings and outro

Episode 26 Lost Girl S03E01 Caged Fae

Season 3 begins with an homage to women's prison films as Bo finds herself in Hecuba Prison under the watchful eyes of a tribe of Amazons. We have a new Ash and a new couple. Wayne and Dave introduce two new segments, "Really? Really?" and "Predictions" and transplant an old one.

Episode 25 Lost Girl S02E21-22 Into the Dark/Flesh and Blood

The last two installments of the Season 2 trilogy/finale leave The Garuda dead, Trick despondent, Dyson in love, Kenzi wounded, and Bo in control as a leader to be feared. However, we just don't know which side she's controlling. Wayne and Dave talk about the unanswered questions heading into Season 3 and make a prediction or two.

Episode 24 Lost Girl S02E18-20

Sorry about the audio quality, but we hit the home stretch of Season Two with "Fae-nted Love," "Truth and Consequences," and  "Lachlan's Gambit." Not one but two major players die in service to their clan, and Wayne and Dave discuss the Doctor Who Christmas Special.

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