Episode 23 Lost Girl S02E14-17

The genie and the bottle myth is explored in "Midnight Lamp" as Ryan Lambert comes to Bo's rescue, but it's Wayne's favorite character, The Morrigan, who shows up in "Table For Fae" and leads Kenzi to agree to the proverbial "deal with the devil." We wrap up with "School's Out" and "The Girl Who Fae'd With Fire," the latter providing some much needed background of the noble families.

Episode 22 Lost Girl S02E11-13

Tonight's show features "Can't See the Fae-Rest," "Masks," and "Barometz, Tick, Pressure." We finally learn the source of the impending evil, and that Lachlan may not be the bad guy we all thought he was. Despite the fact that Bo's being pushed to the front line in the coming war, she's still unlucky in love though others around her have been striking gold.

Episode 21 Lost Girl S02E07-10

Well, we made it, and with time to spare even managed to sneak in a little Revolution talk as our favorite new non-SyFy show goes into radio silence for several months . We're not sure from where it originated, but Bo displays a new found power as she sucks the chi out of an entire room. A rusty nail holds the key to Nadia's revival, and even Lost Girl can't stay zombie-free.  "Fae Gone Wild," "Death Doesn't Become Him," "Original Skin," and "Raging Fae" make up the bulk of tonight's show. The most important revelation, however, may be the Nain Rouge's contacting Bo during the calm before the storm.

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