Episode 20 Lost Girl S02E06 It’s Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away

Bo and Kenzi immerse themselves in the dark fae world as a mural artist appears to be setting up various members of the dark fae community. Power, control, paranoia, and uneasy alliances generate much of the action in an episode rich with our favorite characters. Danielle joins us in the studio for a discussion of the compelling, yet highly disturbing pilot of American Horror Story. And finally, please excuse the static lasting about five minutes during the Lost Girl discussion. I have no idea where it originated.

Episode 19 Lost Girl S02E05 Brother Fae of the Wolves

Through a series of flashbacks in this Dyson centric episode, we learn about the people and events that helped shape the wolf he is today. Dyson has his wolf back, Bo secures an unusual WMD, and Dr. Lauren bakes goodies so tasty even Kenzi can look the other way at the sparks beginning to fly between Bo and her doctor.

Episode 18 Lost Girl S02E04 Mirror, Mirror

After a night of intense drinking, Kenzi invokes Baba Yaga to place a curse on Dyson despite Bo's pleas to the contrary. Dave and Wayne agree that this is not one of the strongest episodes, but it does contain some highlights.  The Doctor tops the list of male scifi/fantasy heroes as the guys return after a two week Hurricane Sandy interruption.

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