Episode 17 Lost Girl S02E03 Scream a Little Scream

In this Dyson lite episode, a series of dreams forces Bo to once and for all cut ties with "the wolf who shall not be named," as she also comes to terms with the new Ash's hold on Lauren. Mumford the Brownie may, in fact, be our favorite fae of the week which just so happens to be the temporary name of the segment Wayne debuts. But perhaps the biggest revelation of the evening occurred when Wayne admitted to having seen Twilight. Say it ain't so.

Episode 16 Lost Girl S02E02 I Fought the Fae (and the Fae Won)

With The Ash near death, the light fae hold a stag hunt to find a worthy successor. However, a twist occurs as a star-crossed lover appears at Bo's door after being imprisoned for 83 years. Wayne and Dave have called it quits with baseball and vow to return full time to their real jobs, watching supernatural and scifi television.

Episode 15 Lost Girl S02E01 Something Wicked This Fae Comes

After going walkabout for three weeks, Dyson returns and comes clean with Bo regarding his pact with The Norn. Trick has his hands full as The Ash lies near death while the dark fae vultures circle looking for an opening. Dave and Wayne argue over who should hold the title of "The First Lady of Scifi," and Revolution, Fringe and The Doctor all get high marks.

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