Episode 14 Lost Girl S01E13 Bloodlines

First the good news; The power of three breaks down the Season One finale as Danielle joins us in the studio, imparting a unique perspective the guys have been unable or unwilling to provide. Bo faces down her mother but feels Dyson has betrayed her. Trick, once again, tries to stem a light/dark war with his blood, and Dyson makes a drastic sacrifice as he meets with the Norn. Now the bad news; we had several technical issues, so if there are volume fluctuations, please forgive us. We're only human. Enjoy.

Episode 13 Lost Girl S01E12 (Dis)Members Only

Bo and Dyson go undercovers as a married couple who want to join an exclusive country club that just so happens to have had several employees go missing in mysterious manners. Dyson rocks the Polo shirt, but Kenzi's forced to work in the club's kitchen as the trio discovers the fae responsible.

Episode 12 Lost Girl S01E11 Faetal Justice

In a faetal twist, Dyson's life is on the line as he's accused of murder, and it's up to Bo and Kenzi to clear his name despite obstacles placed in their way by the lovable baddie Vex. The Doctor Who Series 7 premier is discussed in a bit more detail than usual, but that's to be expected.

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