Episode 11 Lost Girl S01E10 The Mourning After

Bo's supernatural powers take a back seat as a new succubus comes to town. The Blood King requires the help of a human, and Kenzi once again negotiates a peace all the while solving one of the episodes mysteries. The guys take a peek at Grimm and discuss their uneven reactions to a new twist on an old story.

Episode 10 Lost Girl S01E09 Fae Day

The most sacred day of the fae calendar serves as the jumping off point for this episode that sees Bo put her life on the line to save a light fae who has wrongly accused his dark fae brother of a crime he didn't commit. Reveals abound as we learn the identity of the Blood King and find out that Bo's mother's return is something to be feared. Wayne and Dave discuss monsters including Godzilla, The Weeping Angels, and The Smoke Monster.

Episode 9 Lost Girl S01E08 Vex

The search for Bo's mother continues as she and Kenzi visit death row to obtain information about her. Lauren betrays Bo, and Dyson's distaste for and distrust of Dr. Lewis escalates. The guys finally discuss Warehouse 13 and look ahead to evaluating Grimm's pilot episode.

Episode 8 Lost Girl S01E07 Arachnofaebia

The Bo, Dyson, Lauren triangle faces its most serious challenge yet when Bo, Kenzi and Hale suffer vivid hallucinations after being bitten by an underfae spider. Dyson draws a line in the sand in this episode that employs numerous B-movie elements. Dave and Wayne discuss a number of cool scifi weapons and gadgets.

Episode 7 Lost Girl S01E06 Food for Thought

Trick goes from being a grumpy, old bartender to a fatherly nurturer as Kenzi's thieving habits finally place her life in jeopardy. Bo and Lauren work together as espionagistas as they attempt to save two lives. We see that Lost Girl isn't our actors only project, and Wayne and Dave discuss actresses they'd like to see in the scifi genre.

Episode 6 Lost Girl S01E05 Dead Lucky

Bo, Kenzi, and Dyson continue to navigate around the rules, some old, some just enacted. Bo's search for self, however, takes a big turn as she learns her mother is still alive and presumably looking to reunite with her daughter. But the Oracle reveals that Bo plays a much larger role in the fae world than was previously realized. Wayne and Dave admit that while it's good for what it is, The Vampire Diaries isn't likely to be picked up by their personal networks.

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